Ladbroke Grove Flats 1938 (Maxwell Fry) London

This block resolves the vehicular access problem at Isokon by providing separate access to lower level garages. Residents enter via a separate path into a stair and lift lobby. The canopy, steps and projecting doors provide an articulated threshold into the lobby. The stair hall is glazed facing the galleries providing a visual link between the circulation spaces. This is one of the better solutions to the challenge of providing vehicular and pedestrian access along the same side of a slab.


  • street (city) ⇒ path (adjacent to neighbouring building’s driveway) ⇒ steps (threshold) ⇒ door under canopy (boundary) ⇒ stair/lift lobby (waiting) ⇒ lift (ascend) ⇒ upper floor lobby (with view of gallery) ⇒ door (boundary) ⇒ gallery (outside) ⇒ door to gallery (boundary) ⇒ gallery ⇒ door (1 of 3)

Unit identity

  • Fair; the overall scale makes each dwelling’s position within the building easily identifiable.


Digimap Ladbroke Grove


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