31. Henry Prince Estate 1938 (LCC) London

This type is loosely related to the monumental urban set pieces like Ossulston, Gerrard Gardens and Quarry Hill. The difference here is the integration of vehicular access through the monumental archways. Though the footpaths are narrow they are deliberately integrated into the scheme and make for both clear connection and separation between the ‘squares’. The entries into the blocks themselves are not noteworthy but are well placed and marked. The architectural resolution of these seem to have been modified since the original construction.


  • street (city) ⇒ courtyard (crossing) ⇒ path ⇒ door (boundary) ⇒ lobby ⇒ stair (ascend) ⇒ lobby ⇒ door (boundary)

Unit Identity

  • Individual units are not marked but there is general clarity concerning the relationship of entries to particular wings. Despite the regularity identification is possible with squares, blocks and wings.

Digimap Henry Prince

  • Street View images courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Aerial image courtesy of Google Earth.
  • Map courtesy of OS Digimap.


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