Lamble Street 1980 (Benson & Forsyth) London

Benson and Forsyth’s scheme has a highly compressed entry space that accommodates both pedestrians and vehicles. An entry void provides space for both a stair rising up a half level to the front door as well as a parking bay that slopes down. This solution provides a repeating solid-void massing rhythm that provides clear unit identities while the continuous upper level integrates the row. This organisational strategy is borrowed from Neave Brown’s Winscombe Street project. Although the parking bay occupies a substantial portion of the facade width (admittedly a narrow bay) the design manages to avoid it dominating the entry sequence.


  • street (city) ⇒ stair & landing (threshold) ⇒ door

Unit Identity

  • strong
Lamble street is the darker shaded project in the map below. Above it is the Mansfield Road Estate by the same architects.

Digimap Lamble Street

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