Willow Road 1940 (Erno Goldfinger) London

A loose variation on Genesta Road with a more collective approach to the façade. The treatment of its parking area is more closely related to the Isokon Building. There is a lot of design care in the materials and details of the front door, garage doors, and façade in general. The shelving just behind the translucent glass allows the inhabitants belongings to mark their entry. However, the design stops abruptly at the building edge where the square paving slabs meet the tarmac. At the pavement edge there are three openings scaled for automobiles. There is no design recognition of a pedestrian approach to the housing.


  • street (city) ⇒ gap in wall (threshold) ⇒ parking forecourt (crossing) ⇒ niche (threshold) ⇒ door

Unit identity

  • There is an attempt to blur the boundaries between units; front doors are fairly clear but not made to stand out.


Digimap Willow Road

  • Colour images from Kristo Flickr account Creative Commons licence except for:
  • Left bottom from Steve Cadman Flickr account Creative Commons licence.
  • Yellow door image from Thelondonphile.com
  • Street Views courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Map courtesy of OS Digimap.

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