19. Eldon Street Labourers’ Concrete Dwellings 1905 (John Alexander Brodie) Liverpool (demolished)

There is precious little information about this innovative project. It was likely the first concrete dwelling in Britain and certainly the first intended for mass production. The entry sequence combined the Victorian exposed staircase with a gallery running across the façade.  It’s a unique combination and the handling of the gallery and façade creates a distinct sense of hovering or being suspended in front of the façade. The gallery isn’t integrated into the façade but treated like an elaborated entablature. It makes for a continuous and strong connection with the street – unlike the Gun Street Scheme which has a more interiorised vertical circulation core. The stairs appear to curve at the top. There isn’t evidence in the few photographs of the galleries being used for anything other than access. There were, however, balconies provided at the back that could have been used for open air activities.


  • street (city) ⇒ niche with stair (ascend/threshold) ⇒ gallery (strong relationship to street) ⇒ door (one of two on each side)

Unit identity

  • Strong

There is no site information available for this project.

  • First black & white image source unknown
  • Second black & white image from www.liverpool-city-group.com
  • Sepia image from https://municipaldreams.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/liverpool-first-council-houses-in-europe/
  • Colour images from streetsofliverpool.co.uk/eldon-street-1964/

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