12. Noel Park Estate 1883-1907 (Roland Plumbe) London

A variation on the Victorian terrace and closely related to the Lloyd Baker Estate – here two side by side archways contain four front doors. The whole composition is framed under a gable end accenting the entries along the street. There is often only a single opening in the wall separating the front gardens from the pavement. This joins the four dwellings with the paired arches separate them into two pairs. Other entry types in this estate are of note – the projecting bays with their front doors at the side. In this sequence the adjacent units are visually linked by the projecting bays but in practice the neighbours are more spatially separated and independent. The entire estate is a play on various entry sequences based on blending or differentiating the number of individual units. There is a clever balance of spatial configurations that individualise and bring together inhabitants with inventive symbolic forms that bring a sense of dignity to a high density scheme.


  • street (city) ⇒ cross wall/fence/gate (boundary) ⇒ cross front garden (shared territory) ⇒ enter recess (one of two) ⇒ door (one of two)

Unit identity

  • Fair; front door to street relationship is clear but unit clusters are expressed within a single house form

Noel Park Digimap

  • First colour image from Wikipedia entry on Noel Park Estate
  • 2nd & 3rd colour images from Sudge G Flickr account Creative Commons License
  • Street Views courtesy of Google Maps
  • Plans from Wikipedia entry on Noel Park Estate
  • Map courtesy of OS Digimap

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