16. The Court Bury Fields 1901 (Thackeray Turner) Guildford

This model is heavily associated with the Garden City movement – a series of dwellings around a green. The green acts as a shared arrival space. Turner’s is of the type most often built with clearly identifiable entries to each dwelling. Despite the garden city associations there are paired entries into most of the flats. The dormers, chimneys and other details allows for a subtle reading of each dwelling’s limits. It’s worth noting that the entry into the court is at the perimeter rather than the more common central entry. This version should be contrasted with type no. 21 by Ballie Scott.

The heavily symbolic aspect of the central court means that it is rare to see any incursions by inhabitants into this space.


street (city) ⇒ two steps/gate (boundary) ⇒ enter courtyard (threshold) ⇒ walk along edge path ⇒ step into niche (threshold) ⇒ door (one or two)

Unit identity

Fairly strong; chimneys, downpipes and fenestration make unit limits clear.

Digimap The Court Bury Fields

  • Images from http://www.rightmove.co.uk
  • Street Views courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Map courtesy of OS Digimap


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