14. Gun Street Scheme (Clandon & Albury Buildings) 1897 (Arthur Phillips for the LCC) London

Typical yellow brick gallery access block (neckinger estate)This relatively unknown low-rise gallery access scheme can be seen as the template for the hundreds red and yellow brick estates built in the 1930s (image left). The scale of this Gun Street Scheme maintains an intimate connection to the street which is often lost is higher gallery access schemes. Clandon Building has a single vertical access point whereas Albury Building has two, less ornate ones. Albury has a projecting bay at the entry which creates a bow in the gallery above marking the location of the stair. Despite the removal of the original fence that separated the pavement and entry areas, many of the current inhabitants still claim the space outside their homes with potted plants, particularly in Clandon Building. Albury has several parking bays immediately in front but has more appropriation of the gallery with flower boxes.


  • street (city) ⇒ up one step (threshold) ⇒ enter stair hall ⇒ stair (ascend) ⇒ gallery ⇒ door in recess (two, originally 4)
  • street (city) ⇒ step (threshold) ⇒ door in recess (one per recess, originally two)
  • note: there was originally a fence with gates separating the pavement and front areas of the dwellings, adding an additional boundary/threshold.

Unit identity

  • Strong; even though there is no unit demarcation horizontally the scale and visibility of the front doors makes it easy to identify individual residences

Digimap Gun Street

  • Image in text courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Black & white image source: unknown.
  • Street Views courtesy of Google Maps.
  • Elevation and black & white image from A Revolution in London Housing, Susan Beattie, The Architectural Press, 1980.
  • Map courtesy of OS Digimap.


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