11. Beaconsfield Buildings 1879 (Charles Barry Jr) London (demolished)

This project is, as far as I can tell, the first gallery access housing project that expresses and makes an architectural point of its access system. The two projects which precede Beaconsfield, Streatham Street and the Gatliff Building both conceal their galleries in private courtyards. There is evidence of these galleries performing as important social spaces. Archival photographs show that the galleries were often used to dry clothes. Other images show inhabitants posing on the galleries much like they would outside teh street in front their house. The galleries combined with the courtyard open at the street edge was a radical urban and housing proposal for its time.


  • street (city) ⇒ enter courtyard (shared territory) ⇒ enter stair hall (threshold) ⇒ stair (ascend) ⇒ landing (threshold) ⇒ gallery ⇒ door (one of approx. 5)

Unit identity

  • Fair; front doors are visible from the courtyard; there is no demarcation of unit limits.



Booth Beaconsfield sm


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